Seize the benefits of team diversity

Diversity in an ongoing topic for all industries; therefore, it needs a deeper understanding of the impact within Agencies. In a globalized world, diversity in the workforce is necessary to create a competitive economy, and as communities grow, it’s important to harness everyone’s talent. A diverse workforce combines professionals from different backgrounds, experiences and cultures that together breed more innovative, creative and productive teams.


Agencies have key strategic partners like Google to support them with trainings, event participation, and brand exposure. For Google, their employees come from different backgrounds and experiences and do their best work, because their differences are embraced in an inclusive environment. Google’s four commitments to improve diversity and inclusion are:

  • Share progress toward a more representative company
  • Expand access to careers in technology
  • Strengthen the community outreach
  • Broaden supplier’s network and create inclusive products

These commitments can help any Agency that is constantly improving their team diversity and that also is expanding to new market segments.


In the U.S. Agencies, as shown in the heatmap below, are primarily located in California (255), Florida (186) and New York (169). These states have a high Hispanic population density and also drive much of the U.S. population growth. California (15.3 million), Texas (10.9 million) and Florida (5.1 million) made up 54% of the U.S. Hispanic population in 2016.

The most U.S. Hispanic states are the ones with the majority of Agencies, which stresses the need for a more diversity approach for the Agencies’ teams.The Hispanic community is a market segment that is more likely to read or view an ad that is related to their culture no matter the language.

By 2050, 30% of the U.S. population is projected to be Hispanic - more than one-quarter of the total population. In the next decades the purchasing power of the U.S. Hispanics is going to growth among their need for more inclusive products and services.

Take a look at Disney, trying to trademark “Dia de los muertos”, or “Day of the Death”, for their Coco movie, which had an immediate backfire from the hispanic community. What would happen if a Mexican company tried to commercialized Veteran’s Day? - This situation could have been avoided by having a better understanding of the hispanic heritage and their culture.


In our experience, software development team working remotely with U.S. agencies has allowed regular cultural exchanges. By learning more about everyones heritage and unique traditions the teams become more creative. Furthermore having something new and exciting to share both ways has increased the team members engagement. A direct side effect of a higher engagement is a complementary team and boosted productivity. This experience has increased the team productivity, but more importantly, teams are developing a deeper understanding of one another backgrounds, experiences and cultures. This interactions will lead the teams to a broader perspective for upcoming projects and to reach new markets.

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